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I’ll have a social media sundae please: 2 scoops of twitter on a banana boat, with a sprinkle of lets-all-do-it

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Social media, two of the hottest buzz words…Celeb-ity birds do it, biz do it, even anxious elected fleas do it, let’s all do it, let’s… well you know the rest of the song.

How many times have you heard this: “If you’re not in, you’re out”, or “the conversation is happening, with or without you” or “Its about sharing, experiences

That’s absolutely right. And with the speed of today’s technologies and the promise of tomorrows cloud integration (Microsoft Cloud strategy), we should expect this merry-go-round to go even faster, and become even more demanding.

So, “What’s your social media plan!? Where is the latest version of your social media scorecard, ROI, goals, objectives, <add other pet keywords here>…who’s in charge of all of this!? What do you tell that board member who’s a twit – no, wait, what was it?… who knows about twitting, chirping? twicking?! Or was it Tweeping?Aaaah Raspberries!

Hmm…ring a bell? Are you hyperventilating too, and is that real air you are breathing?*1* Welcome to the dessert of the real. Welcome to the social media sundae.

The sundae is comforting, gratifying, it’s easy to dig into and comes in lottsa flavors. It satisfies our inner child.

It’s easy to get caught up in the look and feel of the latest social media buzz, site, gizmo, or trend, especially for those who know they need to do something, but have no sense of where to begin or invest. It’s relatively easy to rationalize allocating money and effort into “social media efforts”. Heck, if over 1.5M follow Larry King on Twitter, isn’t that a measure of success that we should aspire to? Maybe. Different strokes for different folks, sez I. Though, all of us (sociopaths aside, but businesses, politicians, and Joe the plumber included) are hardwired to seek new connections and look at the stars. It’s a caveman/tribe thing.

But once on that merry-go-round, it becomes difficult to keep score, or who’s passing the ball. (take this fun test)

Yes, it’s easy to become distracted by the go-go participation and activity that social media participation demands while completely missing the gorilla in the room. And that’s too bad because the gorilla has the banana that would make your sundae sing and tell you all sorts of interesting things other than how many followers you have.

I wrote about learning as a core life and business strategy in my last post. If we get so busy with activity and miss the singing banana, then we need to ask the hard question, have we learned anything?

How often have you found yourself so happy just to behold the sundae!…and to taste it, and to relish in its sheer yummy gooeyness, that you were oblivious to its 1000 pound calorie impact, or the revenge it would wring out of you as you sweated and strained in the gym to work it off the next day (to my non-US based readers, forgive the USA-centric measurements/metaphors and feel free to substitute my reality with your own.*2*)

When thinking about Social Media, there are two tracks to cover. You need to be doing both to be able to say that you have a 360 social media strategy:

  1. Engagement and participation. Your brand’s visibility and depth can be measured by reach, sentiment, rank, site traffic. It answers questions like: “How many customers like Windows 7, and are drawn towards communication, messaging, and events”. This is the confluence of social media, and marketing communications.
  2. Listening, learning, and insights. This is about quality, perception, and usefulness of your brand, product or service – vital to innovate, compete, and grow. It answers questions like “What is important to Windows 7 customers at any given time, or even in the future.” This is not about key word or campaign tracking. That’s a tactic used in #one above to drive reach and tune campaigns for added “stickiness”. This is about the value your social media efforts, its about investing in systems and processes that enable the connecting of dots between distinct customer conversations and figuring out the top 3 things you need to build, fix, extend, change or innovate in. It takes time to set up and tune. But boy is it worth it! This tells you how to learn to produce a more desired, or tasty, sundae over time. Who wouldn’t like that!?

There is a lot of attention paid to 1). It’s the 2 that occupies my thoughts and time. Creating effective social media listening systems to provide the right information, from the right sources, at the right time, takes time and commitment. I am committed to relentlessly pursuing the top bananas. More in future posts…

A social media sundae sans banana is like, like, warm beer… why??!!

*1* “Morpheus in the Matrix
*2* “A play off the phrase “I reject your reality and substitute my own” by Adam Savage in the 10th episode of Mythbusters.
Pic credits: Irish food board