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FlightSim Movies



From time to time,  for fun, and as the mood strikes and time permits, I create Flight Simulator Movies .

These are not recordings of loooong Flights.
Nor do I have any interest in showing off ultra-real settings and/or showcasing the latest commercial aircraft or scenery or special modifications — search for those on YouTube, you will find many seriously great clips of that genre to entertain and enthrall you.

I’d like to think of what I do more as an artform, storytelling, using, interpreting or mixing music and flight to entertain, inspire or just to make the day seem a bit better.

On this site (mouse-over FlightSim Movies  in the menue strip above) you will find the “stories of the storytelling” — the thinking and ideas behind the movies posted to the FLYING HIGH YouTube Channe 

I had fun making them.
I hope you like viewing them.


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