The Quantum Mousetrap

Mark Eduljee's blog about Social Media Insights Intelligence and his FlightSim Movies


Hello, and pleased to meet you!"It is I", said ME

The Quantum Mousetrap is a personal blog about:

  • Thoughts, ideas and impressions about business and management excellence
  • The art and science of Insights  and Listening Intelligence, its ROI, and analytics framework
  • Movies produced using Flight Simulator
  • Listening to the universe, to life. Learning from its lessons

Professionally, I work at Microsoft, and lead the global Insights Intelligence team. That said, this is not a Microsoft blog, nor am I a Microsoft spokesman. The opinions expressed here are my own.

The blog: To set expectations, I write when I have content to share. I commit to putting serious thought into writing content for this blog (above) for you to read and comment on. Please don’t expect to see “23 ways to do this…”, or a post-disguised-as-a-book-promotion, an event lead-in, or, any of the other SEO-laden titles saturating the social media space. I’d like my blog to be viewed as  an outpost for my learning, experiences, and thinking. And the hope is that you find the posts interesting, entertaining, and useful. If not, I’d like to hear why so I can learn from your way of thinking. That’s the simple goal — write, learn, interact, share.

Prior to joining Microsoft I was a business executive owning and running several consumer businesses (my formal education is in business and software product management). Please visit my LinkedIn profile for details. With over 17 years experience at Microsoft, I’ve managed teams, multimillion budgets, released products (MSDN) and services (Microsoft Contact us), owned Influencer and Community program satisfaction, and now lead an awesome, golbal, 20 person-strong Insights Intelligenceteam. We analyze hundreds of millions of voice-of-customer experiences and our Insigths Intelligence is used by PR, Marketing, Product and Services groups to help make the Microsoft customer experience better.  

Off work, I am a family man. My daughter Serena is a budding opera singer, and my younger one is wise beyond her years and wrapping up school with an IB Diploma with her sights set on a business career. I am SOOO proud of them! My best friend is my wife who is tonnes smarter and better looking than me.  I also love gardening — my best insights have come while I was zenned-out batteling weeds. And do love anything to do with flight. I have flown around Flight Sim’s world twice (in real time), so pleeease God — don’t reincarnate me as an Ostrich! In the real Matrix, I fly a paraglider; no I’m not nuts! I like to understand how things work, what makes people tick, and how to manage fear and risk.  So I learned all about aerodynamics and flight, got my sailplane pilots license, and now feel completely at ease running off a mountain under my paragliding wing. And nothing beats the view!  No, we do not “jump” off  mountains…and yes, there’s a big difference between running off (intentional, in control, fun) and jumping off (aaahhhhhhhhhh…Splat!!).

I believe that the universe speaks to all of us. We’ve just got to be turned on and tuned in and listen. And while I’m not a trained physicist, I am totally enthralled with how and why the universe exists and works, both at the quasar and quantum level.  So, welcome to the Quantum Mousetrap — where there’s no escape from the universe of insightful listening and learning.  

Thank you for listening to me, and I look forward to learning from what you have to say too!

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